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Competitive Programming

My passion lies in competitive programming, where I focus on learning data structures and algorithms for the purpose of self-development and growth in the field of computer science.

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My skills and specialties include Java, Python, C++, JavaScript, Neuroph and Django.

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My portfolio showcases various personal projects created throughout my career as well as projects I made for fun. My GitHub: https://github.com/CKaps1 and my Repl.it: https://repl.it/@CKaps1

About Me

My name is Christian Kapsales and I am a secondary school student attending Malvern Collegiate Institute in the TDSB

I am interested in machine learning, cybersecurity and data structures and algorithms.

Currently I am focusing on the MCI robotics and coding club as well as coding competitions and hackathons.

Some of my accomplishments include coming 5th nationally and 99th internationally in the PicoCTF 2019 hackathon and coming 5th in DMPG computing contest.

Some of my other hobbies include playing chess, piano, soccer and tennis.


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